Oleh Pokalchuk

Oleh Pokalchuk

Board Member, Social psychologist

Mr. Pokalchuk is a well-known Ukrainian social psychologist, writer and publicist. He is an advisor and consultant at the Institute for Social and Economic Research/ISER in Kyiv, Ukraine on:

-management of modern conflicts

-contemporary asymmetric warfare strategies

-influence informed operations and behavioural changes.

As an ISER’s Board Member Mr. Pokalchuk is engaged in projects on charting a course for improving policy in the nature of social interactions in times of war, information security and military operations. He has been acting as a principal investigator of various research initiatives on changes in the nature of modern wars, behavioural influences during conflicts, global military balance, national military doctrine modernization, assessment of Ukrainian military developments, etc. 

Mr. Pokalchuk is a leading facilitator of the transition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other Ukrainian security structures to NATO standards in the field of information-led operations.

He is an authour of books and a wide range of articles on civilian behaviour analysis in times of conflicts, personal and group dependencies on informational influences, increased connectivity and impact of local conflicts on global security and informational threats of the future.

His recent publications and manuscripts accepted for publication include:

•  The Trembling Elites, book, 2011, «Forzats"

•  The Burning Bread Basket of Europe: Causes, Developments and Consequences of the Russian Behavioural War in Ukraine, The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, University of Alberta, Canada, expected publication date is March, 2018

•  NeoSovietization

•  The Words of War 

•  What's Appears on the Wall 

•  Not to Be a Victim 

•  Do Not Awake an Owl

•  The Heartbreaking Wows of Moscow

•  About the Brotherhood of Minds

•  Russian Propaganda and Border State

•  Current Mechanisms of Islam State Propaganda

•  Ukrainian-Russian War; Polish Frontline

•  Kremlin Folksingers

•  “Brothers” Crawl from Darkness

•  Symptoms of Holy Insanity

•  Burning Division

Mr. Poklachuk has a B.Sc. degree from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, a H.B.A degree from the Moscow Literary Institute and Certificate of Area Studies from the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta, Canada.

He speaks five languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English and Lithuanian.