Lidiya Smola

Lidiya Smola

Expert in history and political sciences; psychologist, certified coach 

Areas of expertise: 

  • Propaganda, informational influence, manipulation techniques, social communications; 
  • Informational-psychological determinants in current political processes, behavioural psychology;
  • Communication processes and conflictology. 

PhD in historical sciences, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor. 

Mrs. Smola has been working at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine; she is Advisor to the Secretary of NSDCU. She was heading the authoring team of 9 State Reports to the President of Ukraine on the situation concerning children, youth and families. She has participated in development of the orphanhood overcoming strategy for Ukraine (having held a speech on behalf of Ukraine at 64th UN General Assembly, New-York, on the topic concerning the situation with children in Ukraine). Mrs. Lidiya Smola represented Ukraine during US Presidential Elections under I-VOTE 2008 US State Department Program (International Visitors Observe Election). She has participated in elaboration of National Conception of Information Security of Ukraine. Mrs. Lidiya Smola is an author of 2 monographs on propaganda and psychology of influence; co-author of analytical-forecasting research on Limits of Fall: Options for Ukrainian Future (Stuttgart, Germany). Currently: Professor at Sikorsky National Technical University “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Professional Priorities: 

  • Informational Security, resistance to informational-psychological influences; 
  • Informational hygiene, analysis of informational-psychological impacts, memetic weapons. 

Education: Franko Lviv State University, Moscow Institute of Process and Integrative Therapy, Wiesbaden Academy of Psychotherapy Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English