Kristina Avramchenko

Kristina Avramchenko

Expert in Macroeconomic Policy Analysis

Areas of expertise:
Macroeconomic analysis;
- Development of the real sector of economy;
- Support to SME;
- International trade.

Kristina Avramchenko is an expert with a significant experience in the state economic policy analysis. Before joining the ISER team, Kristina worked in the International Centre for Policy Studies, Foundation “Open Dialogue” and was an advisor to the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. Her professional interests include research on economic outcomes of signing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU; particularly, free-trade zone creation and opportunities for Ukrainian producers to access European markets.

Professional priorities:
- Development of the effective models for forecasting the results of implementing economic policy;
- Work on the export strategy of Ukraine, according to the Policy of the economic pragmatism, and involving business and government to its realisation.

Jagielloński University, Institute of Economy and Management, Department of Economics and Management
University of Sevilla, Department of Economics and Business

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, English, Polish        +38 (044) 223-29-17         Institute for Social and Economic Research