The ISER project "Control the budget by your own" won the competition of the projects supported by the Eastern Europe Foundation
The project provides the creation a series of educational videos.

For ISER the project "Control the budget by your own "will be a continuation of work on activating public participation in monitoring process of spending money of local budgets. ISER team will create five videos concerning such topics as follows: "Where do the money come from to the budgets?", "Which public needs are financed from the budget?", "How  can you get the information about using funds from budgets on various levels?", "What can I do?", "The budget is a development plan".

The team leader and ISER Communications Advisor Marina Dadinova notes, that projects like "Control the budget with your own " are a contribution to raising awareness about the way the state functions and  to filling in the communication gap between citizens and authorities.

"These videos will help citizens to become more effective in their civil activity. For example, when people find out that procurement of school textbooks is the responsibility of a local authority, they will address their questions and complains directly to the local officials, instead of collecting ten thousand signatures under a petition to the Cabinet of Ministers», explains the expert.

In addition to producing video material, the  ISER will conduct a campaign to distribute clips among social activists throughout Ukraine, nation-wide and local media, as well as among local authority at various levels.

The project "Control the budget by your own" is a logical continuation of the list of ISER’s initiatives to encourage the society to participate in the budget processes and controlling those. In particular, last year the Institute prepared a series of videos about the draft state budget-2017. The video had a great success precisely because it demonstrated understandable story to a wide audience how the state budget determines the life of the country for the next year and why it is one of the main documents of the country.

The project "Control the budget by your own" is conducted by the "Institute for Social and Economic Research" within the Program "Public budgets from A to Z: informing, activating and engaging civil society" implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation in partnership with the Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation PAUCI and the European Union.