About ISER
NGO “Institute for Social and Economic Research” (ISER, NGO) is a non-governmental think-and-do tank, founded by a group of independent experts to improve public policy in the field of socio-economic development. We analyze and improve the state policy using full cycle approach — from the creation of an idea, concept development to the introduction of specific solutions.

Our mission is to develop the innovative society in Ukraine supporting the EU/NATO integration process to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

The role of ISER in the process of establishing society’s and business’ trust in government is in ensuring an effective mediation, creation of a platform to exchange ideas and conduct a discussion on how Ukraine can reach a development, save its identity and independence.

ISER is an independent expert group that unites representatives and leading experts in different spheres and areas, who have an experience of the state policy analysis and solutions development and implementation.


Products and activity of ISER:

  • Drafts of normative legal acts
  • Conclusions to draft laws and recommendations to authorities
  • Studies in the field of the state policy
  • Analytical publications
  • Expert comments, presentations, briefings
  • Organisation of seminars, workshops and training for government officials, MPs, representatives of local communities and businesses


ISER Public Report 2015-2016